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JORDAN: Refugee Memorized 87 Bible Chapters

Source: Leading the Way, via God Reports, June 26, 2018

After Leading The Way’s follow-up team distributed one of their solar-powered audio Bibles to a blind Iraqi refugee, they were astonished to discover that he used it to memorize 87 chapters from the Bible.

Every day in his modest home in Amman, Jordan, Fadhil holds this device in his hand and soaks up the scriptures.

Several Leading The Way partners found it extremely humbling to visit Fadhil in his home while he quoted scripture after scripture:

“It was convicting, because for us we memorize a couple of verses. But he memorized chapters. He just meditates on scriptures day in and day out,” said partner David Bottoms.

Partner Ron Hughes added: “Fadhil is someone who would seem unremarkable by the ways of the world. But God doesn’t choose to reveal himself through the mighty and the powerful and the rich. He reveals himself through the poor and the humble. Being in this small, modest home and being in the presence of greatness as God’s Word filled the room… was an amazing experience.”

» Read full story. Also read Living with a Disability in Post-War Mosul (Preemptive Love Coalition).

ARAB WORLD: Embracing the Truth

Source: Arab World Media, June 1, 2018

“I was born a Muslim. I prayed and fasted during Ramadan, and I even went on pilgrimage. I am 54 years old and I always heard that Islam is a religion of truth. One day, I had a chance to watch a debate between a Muslim and a Christian. In spite of the fact that I am not educated, I watched the show until the end. My heart and my mind were telling me that everything the Christian said was true. So I decided to find out more about Christ. And I discovered that the Christian faith is the real true faith.

“One day I discovered a story of a lady from my country who was persecuted because she embraced the Christian faith. She was the reason for my full conviction about the truthfulness of the Christian faith. So I decided to give my life to Jesus. I believe in him as my Savior and the Savior of all humanity. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to declare my faith. And thanks to all the workers who provided me with all I need to know!”

After dialogue with the AWM response team, Hamza gave his life to Christ. But he wasn’t the only one in his family…

» Read the rest of the story. See also Where God Wants Me, about a Syrian refugee in Turkey whose life was also transformed.

NIGERIA: Muslim Imam Hid Christians from Attackers

Source: Barnabas Fund, July 3, 2018

A village in Plateau State was attacked by around 300 armed men, reportedly Fulani cattle herders, on Sunday, June 24. The gang opened fire killing scores of Christians and set fire to people’s homes and the local church.

Some Christian families escaped from the gunmen to a mainly Muslim village nearby. A local imam took in around 262 people, hiding women and children in his home, and taking the men to the mosque.

The armed attackers stormed into the village in pursuit of the Christians, confronting the imam and threatening to burn down his house and mosque. The imam refused to allow the gunmen in, insisting everyone inside was Muslim. Other villagers joined him in pleading with the Fulani until they left the area.

The imam told the BBC he had wanted to help because, 40 years ago, Christians in the area had allowed Muslims to build the mosque. He said it was the first time he had experienced such “an ugly incident” in all the years of Muslims living in a neighboring village to the Christian farmers.

Around 200 people died in attacks on 11 villages over the weekend of June 23-24. Semi-nomadic Fulani cattle herders, who raid Christian villages and set fire to properties before taking over their land, have been blamed for the bloodshed.

» Read full story. Also watch a brief video of Rev. Gideon Para-Mallam commenting on this recent attack (World Watch Monitor) and read Over 200 Dead in Plateau State after Fulani Militant Attacks (Jubilee Campaign).

» Religious broadcasters in Mozambique are also seeking prayer in the midst of violence in their region, too (FEBC).

PHILIPPINES: The Juan Project

Source: One Mission Society, July 3, 2018

In its research, the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) revealed that 90,500,000 Filipinos have never experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That represents 90.5% of the population.

Our Every Community for Christ (ECC) leadership team there knew that without some change, we would never make a significant dent in this statistic. We went to prayer. After four days, the Juan Project emerged.

The aim of the Juan Project is to reach every “Juan” (individual Filipinos) in five different provinces and two groups (students in the five provinces and overseas Filipino workers in 10 countries). We desire to plant a healthy, reproducing church in every sitio or purok (the smallest governing unit in the Philippines) in the five provinces [and] plant a healthy student ministry at each of the public college and university campuses in the five provinces.

We have completed the first year of the Juan Project. The first six months started slowly. In those months, we focused on building capacity, raising prayer support, building partnerships, [and] offering training. The fruit has come in the past six months.

One hundred and fourteen new prayers groups have formed. Prayer walks and overnight prayer meetings are common. We work with at least 30 partners. And, in the last year, we have held 54 trainings, involving 895 people from over 100 churches.

The results: 216 groups started, 361 people equipped and mobilized, and 1,913 people who have entered into a relationship with Christ. A small but important turnaround.

Pastors now testify that their passion for church planting is rekindled, their perspective challenged, and their minds opened to church multiplication.

» Read full story.

» More good news for overseas Filipino workers: radio host in Kuwait creates lifeline for abused Filipino domestic workers (Ethical Journalism Network).

NEPAL: How a Worship Song Brought a Buddhist to Christ

Source: International Mission Board, July 2, 2018

Pavan, a Christian pastor I met on a recent trip to Nepal, shared with me about his past and the fear that once plagued him. He admitted that he had been afraid of dying. Persistent fear robbed him of peace. “There was no peace. There was no meaning in life,” Pavan confessed. “It compelled me to ask the question, ‘What am I here for? And how long? And what happens after I leave this earth?’”

He couldn’t answer these questions, so he turned to local religious leaders for guidance. When he voiced his concerns, Buddhist monks tried to assuage his fears by telling him that it was natural to go through storms. “You may have to go through lonely places,” they counseled. “You may have to go a very dangerous way. But do not be afraid. Just keep continuing. Carry on your journey.”

The turning point in Pavan’s story happened deep in the jungle when he went for a walk with a friend. As they walked, his friend starting singing and asked him to close his eyes and listen to the words…

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