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The Beauty and Diversity of Muslim Life

What comes to mind when you think of how Muslims live? Hear one Muslim share how living out his faith leads to creative and diverse expression. 4.5 minutes. 

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Christmas for Indonesian Muslims

IndoChristmasThis year we started the Christmas season in a unique way. Instead of our usual celebration - going to a hotel or restaurant packed with believers and decked out with decorations, singing carols, exchanging gifts, and listening to the Christmas stories told year after year - we chose to attend a Christmas party geared toward our Muslim friends in Indonesia.

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The Beautiful Side of Islam

Islamic art

Most of the images relating to the Muslim world that we see regularly are harsh photos of protests and violence. As an alternative, here are some websites that showcase the more beautiful side of Islamic culture.



Beautiful Mosques Around The World

Islamic Architecture: Islamic architectural styles, architects, and regions

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Arab Revolutions

As upheaval takes place across North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, we examine ways a Christian can respond.

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Good News From Malaysia

A great story of Muslims banding together with Christians to stand against violence

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