Christian - Muslim Interactions

Running on Empty

from Shane's Muslim Connect

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Ever feel like you’re running dry? You know, a little ding breaks in on your reverie and it’s the low fuel light. Then you remember seeing a sign a couple minutes back that the next gas is 40 miles down the interstate? Just for example, not that this has ever happened to me! 

The Power of Paying Attention

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looking beneath the surface

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I had a fascinating conversation today with a woman who is an expert in her field. I love asking questions of people who are smarter than me. (Which, I think we can agree, leaves the field pretty wide open!) 

Sometimes I Wish I Could Do More

From Shane's Muslim Connect

“How’d you get to be so old and not know nothing?” This favorite line from a forgotten movie or book used to be funny. The older I get the more I think it describes me! I wish I knew more. I wish I could do more of what I know needs done. 

“Iftar” Means “Oh My Goodness, That’s Yummy!”

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This is a Good Day to Pray!

from Shane's Muslim Connect
You know what I have in common with White House staff? This: I have no way to control what President Trump will or will not say in his upcoming meeting with Kim Jung Un, the leader of North Korea! On the other hand, I do know the one who thought up the idea of Korea and the Bible is clear that he’s fond of listening to what I have to say. And to you too!