Christian - Muslim Interactions

Let's Buy the Ice Cream!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

icecreamYou know what you don’t expect to see at Baskin Robbins in Indianapolis? A Muslim woman buying treats decked out in a full length niqab with only her eyes showing. But that’s just what my friend Hannah saw. Of course the Holy Spirit saw the woman too and promptly whispered to Hannah, “Pay for her ice cream!” Ahhh! Granted, buying ice cream is a little easier than some things the Holy Spirit may have said, but still. 

The Very First Thing to Say

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“Are you all right?”

Fireworks and Faces

from Shane's Muslim Connect

“Wanna come ta tha show?” The young face was brown, but the accent was classic West Yorkshire. And his arms were full of fireworks! We were newly arrived in England, walking around our neighborhood, wondering how to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, when a dear Afghan family from down the road asked us to join in their fireworks fun. I’ll never forget the warmth and kindness I felt at being invited to share it with them. They went on to be friends to us throughout our too short time in their town.

Should Christians Read the Quran?

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Mary, Baby Jesus, and a Major Misconception

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Her name was Noor. She was curious, compassionate, and smart. She was pursuing on a Phd in math in France, far from her Damascus home. She and my wife, Ann, had talked about family, faith, the growing fear in Syria, and hope for the future. Having asked her a number of questions, Ann backed off a bit and said, “Do you have any questions for me?”